Highspeed Hathway’s Broadband -Unlimited Surfing #Rs 649

Popular broadband and internet service providing company Hathway has overhauled its broadband plans to offer better internet speeds with no FUP limit. This means that user will now be able to enjoy internet without having to worry about the speed restriction on the internet usage.

According to a Telecom Talk report, users can subscribe to the new Hathway plans for six months or an year at once. The plans start from as low Rs 399 and go all the way up to Rs 699. However, Hathway has announced these plan only in Hyderabad city at the moment.

The newly launched Hathway broadband plan costs Rs 349 to offer unlimited downloads at speeds of up to 50 Mbps. The revised line up consists of six broadband plans- Hero, Super, Lightening, Freedom, Thunder, and Rapid.

The Hathway Hero broadband plan costs Rs 499 and offer 50Mbps speed with no FUP limit. The six months subscription costs Rs 2694 and it is Rs 4788 for 12 months. The Super plan costs Rs 399 and offers 25Mbps speeds. The six months subscription cost for the plan is Rs 2395 and 12 months for Rs 4500.

Customers who want to enjoy internet speeds of up to 75Mbps can go for the Lightening broadband plan. The six months subscription cost is Rs 2649 and 12 months for Rs 4788. Next is the Freedom broadband plan that offers 100Mbps speeds at Rs 599. The six months subscription cost is Rs 3294 and 12 months for Rs 5988.

The Hathway Thunder broadband plan costs Rs 649 per month, Rs 3594 for six and Rs 6588 for 12 months. The plan offers 125Mbps speeds. Last is the 80Mbps plan that comes at Rs 499 per month, Rs 2694 for six months and Rs 4788 for an year.

Hathway also recently launched Rs 1,699 plan that offers 2TB high-speed data at 300Mbps. Once the FUP limit of 2TB is hit, speed will be throttled down to 5Mbps. This plan is only available in Chennai, but the company plans to expand it to other markets in the coming months.

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