BSNL Bumper Offer Extended Till April 2019, Additional 2.2GB Daily Data Offered on Prepaid Plans

It was back in October than State-run telecom operator  BSNL presented its now wellknown Bumper Offer for its prepaid clients. This offer proceeded to turn out to be such a monstrous hit, that BSNL was compelled to broaden the legitimacy of this idea in November. In those days, the offer should finish on January 31. Today, as we record this report on January 31, we have reports coming in of BSNL by and by, broadening the legitimacy of this guard offer. As indicated by Telecom Talk, the BSNL Bumper Offer is presently substantial until April 30, 2018, in this way getting another augmentation for three months.

 BSNL Bumper Offer: Details

On the off chance that you are not a BSNL client and need to find out about this offer, here's a brief lowdown.

As a major aspect of the Bumper Offer, BSNL clients bought in to choose plans could benefit an extra 2.2GB of information for nothing. This additional information was well beyond the current information plan the supporter was at that point apportioned. In November, BSNL marginally adjusted this intend to offer 2.21GB of free day by day information to incorporate more BSNL clients. At the point when the BSNL Bumper Offer was first declared, it was legitimate crosswise over 11 prior plans from them. This implied clients bought in to just these 11 plans were qualified to profit the guard offer. In November, be that as it may, BSNL added two additional designs to this pack. Both of these plans accompanied a legitimacy of 365 days. Note that the BSNL Bumper Offer is legitimate in every one of the circles that BSNL works in, aside from the province of Kerala where BSNL has an alternate extra information offer.

BSNL Bumper Offer: Will it Continue past April?

It is appropriate to take note of that what we as of now know as the BSNL Bumper Offer was initially presented as the BSNL Monsoon Offer. This offer started in June and finished on September 14, 2018. Since the offer was exceptionally mainstream, BSNL basically renamed that idea to the current Bumper Offer and has continued broadening it from that point forward.

Anyway, on the off chance that you are as yet not clear about the particulars of the offer, let us by and by emphasize that you can profit the additional 2.2 GB of information even after you exhaust the designated day by day quantity as a major aspect of your arrangement. For instance, on the off chance that you have a 2GB every day plan, you adequately have 4.2GB of day by day information to play around with. Also, note that the Bumper Offer was before substantial for plans with estimations of Rs 186, Rs 429, Rs 485, Rs 666 and Rs 999. It was likewise accessible for STVs of estimations of Rs 187, Rs 333, Rs 349, Rs 444 and Rs 448. Be that as it may, powerful November 30, all the more long legitimacy STVs are likewise qualified for the guard offer.





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