Here are the best Jio plans available in 2019

Reliance Jio has emerged as one of the most popular telecom operators in India. Launched in 2016, the operator has been aggressive in their approach towards plans and customer acquisition.

It would be fair to say that Reliance Jio has single handedly changed the face of telecom plans across prepaid and postpaid circles in India. Depending on your use case, there’s a number of Jio recharge plans that cater to data-heavy users or those looking for longer validity and cheaper rates. There are also a number of JioPhone plans that cater specifically to users of the company’s low-cost phone.

Here’s everything you need to know about the current Reliance Jio plans!

Budget Jio plans

Not everyone needs a healthy data allowance for their smartphones. If you are using a Jio SIM card as a backup or perhaps just to make phone calls, a basic, affordable Jio plan makes the most sense for you. The entry-level Jio plan is priced at 98 rupees for a month and gives you access to unlimited voice calls and 300 SMS messages every month. You also get 2GB of data for when you need to get online or perhaps to connect over Whatsapp.

Best data and benefits balance

Jio’s 1.5 gigabyte-a-day pack is perhaps the best value if you need a decent amount of data for streaming music or video while on the go. Once you exhaust that 1.5GB, you still get unlimited access but will be throttled down to 64Kbps. Good enough for texting apps like Whatsapp but not much else. Priced at 149 rupees for 28 days, this great Jio recharge plan gives you unlimited voice calls as well as 100 messages a day.


If you are willing to commit to longer durations, there are more savings to be had. For example, 399 rupees gets you 84 days of access while saving you 48 rupees compared to a monthly top up cycle.

What if I want more data?

You’ve got a long commute and you like to catch up on Netflix on the go. Perhaps you use your phone as a hotspot and need a lot of data. We get it. Jio has a range of plans offering between two and five gigabytes of data a day. For most users, two gigabytes a day will suffice. The 2GB Reliance Jio planstarts at 198 rupees for 28 days and includes benefits like unlimited calls, 100 text messages per day and of course, two gigabytes of data every day.

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